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Name: PHD Gillon
Title: Founder
The creator of the infogatherer network, author, teacher, martial artist, traveler, and gloriously happy family man, Mr Gillon pioneered social networking before such a concept existed. Confidante and mentor to many, enthusiast, and supporter, Mr Gillon has committed himself to helping people realize their dreams, erase their fears, and discover their confidence. Recognized for his openheartedness and his discretion, Gillon has cemented a golden reputation as a trusted mentor. His experiences within the areas of Business, Commerce, Law, Self Defense and Mentoring in the USA and the UK for the past twenty seven years, as well as a Bachelor Applied Science Degree in Administrative Management (Athens GA, USA)

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Jul 15, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Adult education, Mentorship, Philanthropy, Wellness

Everyone should have a free shot at their dream. There should be no charge for hope. Does such help exist? You bet there is.