Pitra Moeis


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Name: Pitra Moeis
Organization: Common Room Networks Foundation
Title: Program Manager
My non academic experience started since I became an apprentice in Bandung Trust Advisory Group on 2001. After completing the bachelor study, I joined The Ministry of Human Settlements and Regional Infrastructure from 2003 to 2004. In the next three years, I sought experience in private sectors, mostly in Advertising Agencies. I came back to non government organisation on 2008, by joining Bung Hatta Anti Corruption Award. On the recent year, I has been active in Common Room Networks Foundation as Program Manager. The various experience gave the insight from every different parties taking part in development process. These insights are really needed on a collaboration program involving many parties, in order to create the same language and terms that will produce similar understanding.

Challenge Entries

Kampung Budaya Bobojong is a farmhouse & creative space that serves as urban/rural platform for culture, art & technology. As part of farming activities; this platform will also develop space for innovation, collaboration & citizen empowerment for the benefit of people in urban & rural context.