Priska Prasetya


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Name: Priska Prasetya
Organization: AQGRI+
Title: Financial Manager
As I graduated from my Master Study on Urban Environmental Management at Wageningen University, the Netherlands, in September 2014, I have been working at WASTE as a Junior Waste Value Chain Business Advisor, where I am involved in the development of businesses in sanitation and solid waste sectors in developing countries. I am very much interested in innovations, entrepreneurship, and sustainability sector. I have been working for my Startup, AQGRI+, as the Co-Founder and Financial Manager, where I am in charge for the overall strategy and management of AQGRI+ including its financial, sales, and marketing strategies. With this Start-up, we won the 1st place of International Climate Adaptation Business Challenge out of 78 applications from 28 countries. I have my own VermiPonics system in the North Holland to generate products for sales. I am a person who highly values experience and learning in every possible way. I have lived the last seven years of my life outside my home country. Throughout these years, I have obtained the opportunity to gain experience in Australia, the Netherlands, Vietnam, India, and Ghana. I dare to go out of my comfort zone so that I can challenge myself and learn more things.

Challenge Entries

VermiPonics system under a Franchise model provides a scalable and innovative solution to address urgent issues of climate & food security in India. VermiPonics integrates Vermicomposting and Aquaponics in one system to optimise resources use efficiency & production per m2 to boost food security.