Priviledge Cheteni


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Name: Priviledge Cheteni
Organization: Nkanyiso Sustainability and Education Centre
Title: Mr
Cheteni is a World Bank certified social innovator who has modified lives of many communities by providing developmental projects. He is a finalist to the Commonwealth Youth Award for Development in 2013. Currently he is serving as the Chairman of the World Youth Government representing the African continent. Also, he is serving as a Google Student Ambassador Advisor representing the Sub Sahara. Cheteni is a Kairos African Fellow who is impacting deprived communities with entrepreneurship skills making him a rare diamond in continent. He is a One Young World Ambassador stimulating youths with bright business ideas for the progression of the continent. He is a Brightest Young Minds Alumni for South Africa.

Challenge Entries

Shortage of energy has led people calling Africa the Dark Continent. With more than 60 percent of African people still staying in the dark in this century the problem seems to be far from over. To clear this paranormal situation, the Ubulongwe biogas project will convert animal waste into methane.