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Name: Riders for Health Jennifer Parsons
Organization: Riders for Health
Website: http://www.riders.org
Title: Programme Funding Officer
Riders started in the motorcycle community when a group of people began fundraising for children in developing countries. During several trips to Africa in the late 1980s to see the impact of this donation, Barry and Andrea Coleman and GP racer Randy Mamola noticed that vehicles intended for healthcare delivery were unused, simply because they had broken down. Barry and Andrea Coleman became determined to find a solution to the problem that they now recognised as undermining the development of Africa. Riders began as an operational wing of a larger children’s charity and were registered as an independent organisation in 1996.

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Riders’ Sample Transport model is an innovative motorcycle courier system reducing the time-delay in monitoring and diagnosing HIV/AIDS and TB.

La vision de Riders for Health est celle d'un monde dans lequel plus personne ne mourra des maladies faciles à prévenir ou à soigner à cause des barrières de distance, de terrain ou de pauvreté. Notre mission est de renforcer les systèmes de santé en nous occupant de l'un des aspects les plus négligés du développement de la santé en Afrique - le transport et la logistique. D'ici 2015, nous avons l'ambition d'améliorer l'accès aux soins médicaux pour 20 millions de personnes.

A visão do Riders for Health é a de um mundo em que ninguém vai morrer de doenças que podem ser prevenidas ou curáveis por conta de dificuldades de distância ou pobreza. Nossa missão é fortalecer os sistemas de saúde abordando um dos mais negligenciados elementos de desenvolvimento para a saúde na África - transporte e logística. Até 2015, pretendemos melhorar o acesso à saúde para 20 milhões de pessoas. Nosso Programa é uma inovação que responde a uma necessidade no desenvolvimento de cuidados de saúde - o transporte de amostras de diagnóstico e resultados de testes.

La visión de Riders for Health es un mundo donde no muera ninguna persona de una enfermedad prevenible o curable debido a las barreras al acceso como distancia, terreno o pobreza. Nuestra misión es fortalecer los sistemas de salud abordando temas que se han ignorado en el desarrollo de la salud en África, el transporte y la logística. Para el 2015, nuestro objetivo es mejorar el acceso a los servicios de salud de 20 mill. de personas.

Riders for Health’s vision is of a world in which no-one will die of easily preventable or curable diseases because barriers of distance, terrain or poverty stop them from being reached. Our mission is to strengthen health systems by addressing one of the most neglected, aspects of development for the health of Africa – transport and logistics. By 2015, we aim to have improved healthcare access for 20 million people.

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Using vehicles in Africa is not a new idea. Riders for Health’s innovation lies in challenging assumptions about the use of vehicles for healthcare delivery, and systematically transforming access to healthcare for millions of people in rural, African communities, previously been isolated by distance and terrain.