Richard Shepard


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Name: Richard Shepard
Organization: Vesselka Consulting Ltd. and Sustainable Rural Development Internatioinal Ltd.
I have over 39 years of senior management experience of which the last 20 has focused on emerging economies as a team leader and advisor to governments and the private sector in Western and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Balkans, Caucuses, Africa and the Gulf, providing solutions and results for clients. In 2010, I started Vesselka Consulting Ltd., with a small team of like-minded specialists who all felt that consulting should provide advice that results in implementation with measurable results and demonstrable impact. My objective is to bring the knowledge gained in multi-national corporations, private practice and emerging market development, applying lessons-learned and a commitment to results, to give customers a cost effective and impact driven alternative to traditional consultancy services. To do this, I apply certain basic values to all work.. 1) The client’s interests come first. This means delivering better value than the client expects. It does not mean doing whatever the client asks. 2) Professional conduct at all times and respect for local cultures and customs without compromising integrity. 3) All client information is considered confidential. 4) Focus to make the client's goals a reality. 5) Independence. Not being able to disagree destroys independent thought and prevents trying new ideas or unconventional solutions. Specialties include: Project management, public/private partnerships, governance, business and public sector re-engineering and institutional reform, capacity building, sustainable rural development, sustainable tourism, land tenure and administration, SME development, legislative drafting and legal reform in common and civil law contexts.

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This program will protect the environment, preserve rural culture and create economic growth for the countries around the Black Sea through sustainable tourism. It is a hybrid program with for-profit and non-profit components and will create a brand of community based sustainable tourism.