Rinchen Wangchuk

rinchen wangchuk

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Name: Rinchen Wangchuk
Organization: Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust
Website: http://www.snowleopardindia.org
Title: Naturalist

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The Himalayan Homestays program fosters conservation-based community managed tourism development in remote settlements, by gradually building local capacity and ownership. It stands out as an ideal example that aims to be sensitive to both host and visitor expectations without compromising the aspirations of host communities, and at the same time seeks to balance these aspects with conservation of the area’s unique cultural and natural heritage. Himalayan Homestays seek to:

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The Ladakh Himalayan Homestays offer you a unique opportunity to stay with, and share the culture of Himalayan people in remote villages, while trekking through rugged habitat of the endangered snow leopard
Ladakh Himalayan Homestays seek to:
• Ensure that hosts-
? have developed the unique mountain experience,
? are obtaining a fair return for their services and investment
• Positive interactive cultural experiences for both the host and tourist