Rosario Londoño


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Name: Rosario Londoño
Organization: Inter-American Investment Corporation
Title: Senior Social Innovation and Development Effectiveness Specialist
Rosario Londoño is a Social Intrapreneur working for the Inter-American Investment Corporation with over 15 years’ experience in the design and execution of social innovation interventions in the public and private sector of Latin American and Caribbean. Her primary focus has been working on youth development and entrepreneurship and finding ways to bring the private and public sector together to solve some of the world’s most intractable problems. Among her accomplishments were the incorporation of positive youth development as a policy and investment priority for the Inter-American Development Bank with a significant loan and technical assistance portfolio, as well as the design of the Social Impact and Innovation Strategy and toolkit on how to build long-term relationships with large corporations and support them in their “Map of Corporate Consciousness” towards higher levels of sustainability and more effective triple bottom line business models. She was brought to the IIC to develop and launch the IIC’s Social Innovation Strategy for their technical assistance products and develop blended-value products with the financial products of the corporation. Under this role, Rosario has made it possible for the IIC to become a member of the GIIN Investors Council and has positioned the IIC as a co-leader amongst global partners – Ashoka, Accenture, Imaginals, IFC and GSK- to create, launch and promote the League of Intrapreneurs. Rosario is an Economist from Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia with an MPA from Columbia University and Executive Degrees in International Finance and Capital Markets from Georgetown University. She has several continuing education degrees and credits in innovation, is a member of the E-100 Network and has served on the Board of the Latin American Youth Center in Washington DC for over 4 years and the Many Hats for over 10 years. Rosario is passionate about learning about human behavior and the role of cellular memories in healing social and emotional traumas and has become one of two Latin-Americans accredited coaches in Visionary Leadership and Journey Practitioner in the world.