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Sadequa Hassan

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Name: Sadequa Hassan Sejuti
Organization: My Country My Village
Title: Managing Director
With an academic background in architecture, I gained the ability to craft unique ideas into practical & applicable designs. My dedication to my country and the dream to make a difference I embarked on a journey back in January 2009 to a remote village. My tool for the development I selected ICT. There is no better way than using Information Technology to mitigate aspects of this global disease that we call poverty, towards a more self dependant Bangladesh. Sadly the use of Information Technology is available to a certain echelon of society more specifically the upper and middle class. As a result majority of the population of our country is still unaware of the importance of free exchange of information and benefits that could come out of its expansion. With our project (My Country MY village) that is first project of its kind that takes computers and web access to the lowest income group and empowers them with a possibility that was not ever previously available to them before. This project is the real possibility of a Digital Bangladesh, where digital technology reaches out to the furthest corners of our country bringing change to countless lives. We have indeed gone through countless hardships but the World Summit Youth Award acknowledges the fact that our love for what we do has been recognized. More than the award the idea that we can display our love to such an enlightened and vibrant bunch humbles every one at Amar Desh Amar Gram ( My Country, My Village).

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FSB, A specialized IT service company opened up its Bangladesh office in 2009. It is a multi award winning and the leading e-commerce company in Bangladesh.FSB till now have been closely working with the Bangladesh Rural Societies bringing to the most underprivileged people the best of technology from the west.

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Technology can be so intriguingly beautiful that it can evolve the lives it touches. A click can take you the information highway; known as the internet, it has changed the way we think, we communicate and how we do business. Imagine Marco carrying the best of Europe’s consumerism on the Silk Road and carrying it all the way China and back. In the 21st century the internet is the silk route of the world –connecting every corner and possibly even space.