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Sagarika Bhatta

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Name: Sagarika Bhatta
Title: Program Associate/Researcher/Blogger/Activist
Power shift Nepal campaign works with youths through Drama, Alternative energy solutions, Research and Policy, Eco- friendly behavior, and Eco friendly business. With vision that we need to change our behavior first so that we can shift our power of knowledge and change others. Create multiplier effect- we are youths, "we are the leaders, and we are the solutions." Inclination towards climate change issues, being from Environmental background, having knowledge about climate change and feeling of need to spread message as a change makers: Global movement, campaign came up with innovative ideas as taking action is the solution. Most inspiring thing is that very young and diverse group of concerned who were both know unknown to climate change, but felt about it with different campaigns and researched documents were so eager to learn and spread the urgency. Where ever science talks about climate change first thing that come to my mind is community and need to document through research. In Powershift campaign, disseminating message against climate change and share importance of adaption and plight of citizen I went to document “Community based Adaptation on Water Crisis" at Bhaktapur, golmadi. A community has been witnessing water crisis since 7 years. Surprisingly Bhaktapur being so near to Kathmandu and city to surprise, no effort is made to address this issue as compared to patan and kathmandu. So I decided to document and develop small video to aware and to highlight possibilities of rain water harvesting and other means of water storage and management ( traditional and modern). Is just one example there are many communities witnessing such crisis. While trying to interlink water crisis, also found out that other factors such as watershed degradation, urbanization, growing population are one of the major factor for water crisis here, climate change is thus accelerating it more. Urgency and dream of contributing for environmental protection and conservation, further aiming to explore, `discuss, document, and promote the Indigenous Traditional knowledge (ITK) as Community Based Adaptation techniques that has been practiced by different indigenous community in Nepal in agriculture against Climate Change. Climate Change and the resulting impacts are altering ecosystems in profound and irreversible ways. The impacts of climate change are more pronounced in agricultural systems. There is a need to further strengthen and enhance the knowledge base on the emerging challenge of climate change and adaptation on agricultural sector. It is obvious that the effect of climate change will directly affect the profession of more than two third people involved in agriculture and will ultimately question the status of food security, which makes news headlines every year. The journey will start from Dolpa on August as "Community knowledge Management". The purpose is to promote indigenous traditional knowledge which is being lost due to certain driving factors such as policies, subsidies that promote modern techniques, and less media promotion. While traditional knowledge and crop varieties of indigenous people, local communities are important in adapting climate change and traditional races are more genetically diverse than modern varieties. The finding of study may guide the educationist to design the curriculum to be imparted to rural population to cope up with the climate change along with policy makers and future researchers working in the field of climate change and agriculture. Thus, the research will help to highlight the awareness level and importance of ITK, impact of climate change, how it is affecting the agricultural practices and how people are adapting the change through the use of ITK Realizing the importance of its documentation, promotion which will be through blog, social media, mainstreaming media and a documentary. spreading message, visiting communities, inspiring Eco friendly Behavior, promoting Eco friendly Business, need of more Research and importantly Policy implementation Focused on community based Adaptation and exploring by Documentary and stories as creative activism, promotion through blog, social media and mainstreaming media of all the issues and work of activism and Most importantly knowledge sharing will be most important part in the campaign.

Challenge Entries

This paper deals with the role of Indigenous Traditional Knowledge (ITK) in an agricultural system of locally evolved practices that are used by the Indigenous communities in three climatic zones in Western region of Nepal. The intent of the paper is to highlight the importance of ITK in agriculture

The project focuses on exploring the knowledge of the community, Discussion (sharing of the knowledge), Documentation (listing the knowledge) and Dissemination (promoting the knowledge) of the Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge in agricultural practices for adapting climate change.