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Name: Saima Awan
Organization: Couture Conscience
Title: To help end child labour and help our UK youth find an undiscovered talent
26 year old Saima Awan, Founder of Couture Conscience, has been a professional model for 7 years, working on various international photo shoots and shows. These include London Fashion Week 2010, shoots in Venice and the south of Spain and several publications in Karachi. Now also working for the Institute of Cancer Research, Saima has a passion for speaking out for those that need a voice such as the children in the charities that Couture Conscience supports. As an organisation Couture Conscience opens up the possibilities for young people to be involved in the creative industry, providing them with the opportunity to volunteer for all our events, and develop skills in areas they would like to pursue. Company Aims Couture Conscience began as a response to the sad fact that child labour is involved in so much of the mainstream fashion industry. To act against this, we support two charities, Task Brasil, based in Brazil and Development In Literacy Trust, based in Pakistan. Both charities provide opportunities for street children in their local communities, whose unfortunate situations often lead them into ill-fated positions. Without such charities these children are frequently forced into appalling circumstances such as working in sweatshops or being forced into a life of crime. Since 2008, DIL Trust reported a huge jump in the numbers of parents sending their children to school instead of to the textile factory over the last year. On a more local front, Couture Conscience aims to involve disadvantaged young people in the UK in the fashion and entertainment industry. Many young people, especially those in care, show amazing talent for art and design, but are rarely, if ever, given the opportunity to showcase their skills. We aim to give them this chance to show the industry what they can achieve and network with industry professionals. We are working with local councils in an effort to begin a series of workshops to teach young people the skills and contacts they need to start a career in the entertainment industry - we hope to create a Fairtrade fabric supply chain for them to use in their collections. The long term plan is to open a coffee shop boutique, stocking young designers collections and staffed by the young people themselves - this gives them the opportunity to break out of the 'no experience, no job' cycle that many first time workers find themselves in.

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Couture Conscience aims to stop the use of child labour in textiles and support young people in the UK entertainment industry