Sandra Jarvis-Selinger


Name: Sandra Jarvis-Selinger
Organization: UBC eHealth Strategy Office
Dr. Jarvis-Selinger is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery and Associate Director in the eHealth Strategy Office. In 2008 she received a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Career Investigator Award. She is a PhD-trained educational specialist and researcher in the area of Human Learning, Development and Instruction (UBC Faculty of Education). She is also the junior scholar for the UBC Centre for Health Education Scholarship. Her work focuses on educational innovation and knowledge translation, which specifically includes: 1) the development of excellence in teaching, 2) curriculum design, development and assessment, and 3) the use of technology to support education. One of her projects within teaching focuses on reviewing successful ‘residents as teachers’ programs to develop and adapt best practices for Faculty of Medicine. She was the nominated principal investigator on a successful UBC Teaching and Learning Enhancement (TLEF) grant to develop a longitudinal residents-as-teachers program for the UBC Department of Surgery and is a consultant on similar programs in Emergency Medicine and Adolescent Medicine. Another area of Dr. Jarvis-Selinger’s research focuses on the role of technology in supporting education. There is a demand, today, to understand how to integrate technology into best practices in educational contexts. One major concentration is the use of electronic communities of practice (eCoPs) to support learning. Another direction of her research in this area is using technology to facilitate connections between communities and clinicians. For example, she is the nominated principal investigator on a CIHR funded four-year project aimed at developing a community of practice (known as eHealth Mentoring) to connect Aboriginal students to health sciences students and health professionals to promote awareness, interest and enrolment in post-secondary health science programs. All of her research focuses on how to translate knowledge into action. She was awarded the Faculty of Medicine’s Distinguished Achievement Award in the category of Excellence in Education and the Department of Surgery’s Hjalmer Johnson Outstanding New Investigator Award. As well, Dr. Jarvis-Selinger has been included in the top 15 Knowledge Translation researchers by dollar amount in Western Canada, tied for second in BC (based on an independent report completed by the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, 2007).

Challenge Entries

Aboriginal eMentoring BC is an online mentorship program supporting Aboriginal youths’ transitions through high school to post-secondary health science programs

L'idée originale de ce projet a jailli de conversations entre Sandra Jarvis-Selinger, Ph. D. et James Andrew, le coordonnateur autochtone de la Faculté de médecine de l’UCB. Un des rôles de James Andrew est de parler, avec les élèves de 12e année dans toute la Colombie-Britannique, de la mission de l'UCB et d’améliorer la représentation autochtone à l'école de médecine et dans toutes les sciences de la santé.

Aboriginal eMentoring BC (eMentoring) aims to develop and implement an online mentorship program for Aboriginal youth to support their successful transition into post-secondary health sciences programs.