Anne Glick


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Name: Anne Glick
Organization: One Globe Kids
Title: Founder
After several years working on a grassroots assistance-to-refugees project in Yemen, I wrote my graduate thesis, aka my own theory of development. Uncomfortable with the idea that a Somali refugee working hard to survive was less "developed" than I, who by luck was born in middle-America, I focused on the intangible forces inside each of us that shape who we are and how we interact with others. I called it the "Non-material Asset Theory of Development." I went on to work in the DRC and Burundi, becoming more and more passionate about changing how we look at the field of "development." After the birth of my first child, I thought a lot about what I could do to shape his view of the world and role in it. I want him to be part a new generation of global citizens and leaders who are capable of and interested in understanding the perspective of others - and who are wise enough to make decisions that consider those perspectives. After starting One Globe Kids, I re-read the comments from my thesis advisor: "Unique approach, but I can only give you an A- because you didn't sufficiently address implementation or measurement of impact. Maybe in 10 years you'll write the final chapter." Twelve years later, I believe I am writing it, together with children and families from around the globe.

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One Globe Kids is the first learning experience that safely and realistically simulates inter-group friendship for children 3+ years. Feeling emotionally close to someone in a different socio-economic, geographic or linguistic group prepares children to create a more inclusive and equal world.