Sara Batterby


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Name: Sara Batterby
Organization: Ethix Merchant Services
Title: Co Founder
I started my career in organizational development and change management and with Accenture out of London. In 2007, I moved to San Francisco and founded Good Citizen Brands to deliver brand identity, messaging and communications to purpose driven organizations in both the for-profit and not-for-profit realm. I am adept at understanding the huge shift in consumer values and preferences within an evolving technological and economic landscape and my goal is to support transformation in our traditional economy so that it more holistically supports our aspirations as individuals and as communities around the globe. Ethix binds together my experience in financial services and purpose driven organizations with the goal of proving the economic viability of aggressive social responsibility and ethical business practices in banking. Our overarching objective is to convert hundreds of millions of dollars in merchant service fees paid by small and medium sized business, into monthly, residual, recurring revenue for non-profits and community based organizations. I steer the development and execution of our non-profit and community partnership programs that allow any organization to raise reliable revenue through an existing network of relationships within their local business community. We are currently proving out this model with neighborhood and merchant associations in Oakland as well as a number of non-profits nationwide.

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Ethix processes debit and credit card transactions at the industry's lowest rates and then delivers 25% of our total revenues to non-profits and community organizations selected by our merchant clients. Saving businesses money and converting fees to funds for communities nationwide.