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Name: Selma Demirelli
Selma, a survivor of the Turkish earthquakes, was active in rescue operations and reconstruction efforts following the disaster. She was engaged in Crisis Group, established and run by citizens. After witnessing how women and children were especially impacted by the loss of their homes and sometimes families, she decided to work as a project coordinator for one of the biggest foundations in Turkey (President, Ashoka Fellow Sengul Akcar nominated Selma). While there, she began to think about ways to bring lasting economic stability and independence to women—in the event of another disaster or unforeseen crises—ultimately elevating their societal status. Selma studied the arts in Istanbul and when she married, she left university. She worked as an arts teacher at a high school, and as a social and cultural affairs coordinator at a local foundation. Her husband died just before the earthquakes, and the building she worked in collapsed. Some of her friends and colleagues died, and many suffered irreparable loss. With so much destruction and loss in her city, she found relief working on recovery efforts. Selma was a recently awarded the Silver Medal of the Italian Red Cross. She has also received several certificates either from local or public authorities due to her contributions towards development in the region. For Selma, the best award is to help women gain fuller citizenship, develop entrepreneurial skills, found businesses, and own property for the first time.

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تقود سلمي ديمريلي أول جمعية إسكان نسائية في تركيا التي يديرها حصرياً نساء في الإقليم المنكوب بزلزال 1999. وبهدف تحويل الضرر الذي سببه الزلزال إلى فرصة لتمكين النساء المتأثرة، تقوم سلمي بزيادة حقوق النساء والأطفال بشكل أوسع في تركيا.

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Selma Demirelli est le fer de lance de la première coopérative de logements destinés aux femmes en Turquie, gérée exclusivement par des femmes. Elle étend considérablement le droit des femmes et des enfants en les établissants en temps que propriétaires, à la citoyenneté reconnue et à la situation financière stable.

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Selma Demirelli is spearheading the first women’s housing cooperative in Turkey operated exclusively by women. She broadly expands the rights of women and children by empowering them as property owners with full citizenship and financial stability.

Duzce is one of cities seriously damaged by the 1999 Earthquake. During the reconstruction process, women were actively involved, gathered information, raised capacity, negotiated with the authorities and 48 women became landlords.