Sep Verboom


Name: Sep Verboom
Organization: Livable Products
Title: Founder
We’re a family of projects that creates fair design products all over the world. Reducing waste and creating jobs are the key values Livable Products stands for. Our idea is simple. We screen an environment for interesting materials. By collaborating with local people, we give them the opportunity to use their traditional skills to make appealing products. At the same time we create environmental awareness by transforming initial discarded materials into design products. Our goal is to create jobs for the community on a sustainable level and support them in their livelihood. All of this with great care for mother nature.

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Livable Products is a family of projects that creates fair design products all over the world, reaching out to a new revolution of industries who are actually seeing the value of transforming forgotten materials into design products.

Dec 01, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Recycling, Community development, Design, Income generation

ROPE hope is spreading the intriguing story of reclaimed rope weavers around poor shipping areas in the Philippines. Old ship ropes are reused to create a continuous livelihood for local recycling communities. ROPE hope promotes the reclaimed rope materials by making a new range of, livable products