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Name: Sharon Quinn
Organization: AKRNA - Antakarana Co-Creation Project, a project of United Charitable Programs (UCP), a registered 501(c)(3) public charity
Title: Co-founder of AKRNA, Eduation Stratagist & Visionary
Since I was a child, my family noticed how I was different, rather bellwether, and I dare say, they thought I'd grow up to be an "unusual" leader of some sort. It's true, I was always curious, investigating things, and always listening to the beat of a different drummer. I'd wonder why people didn't change things they disliked when they could, if they just would. It puzzled me. My natural inclination is seeing perspectives that others don't notice. I love brainstorming and playing with creative things like, "The Whack Pack." Inspiration is a daily fare for me, and when it's not, I know I'm not feeling well that day. My tendency to ponder horizons and imagine what could be, found their home in the field of education itself. I discovered, much to my surprise, I could naturally teach, and felt especially content & insightful being in learning environments with children. Simply, I put education pieces together effortlessly; I just "get it". Since teaching is the quintessential way of eliciting personal empowerment in people, I lead by focusing on teaching for learning via rapport, creative exploration, and quality pedagogy. I recognize teaching as a Rapport Driven Socratic process. It is one of facilitating awareness and thinking skills by laying breadcrumb paths of questions that will spark thinking, pondering, and speaking our voice in a joyful learning manner. This empathic centered method is compelling because it excites and empowers a sense of self intelligence worth sharing beyond oneself! Years of observation have clarified for me how routinely giving information breeds passive minds easily led, bored, and distracted from the heart of what matters in life - our collaborative relationships. Teaching at its best, elicits learning and respect by drawing it out of people, and then collectively savoring its delicious moments of discovery! It makes sense to me that people learn best when they can emulate, so for me, teaching entails personal response-ability to walk your talk and allow the integrity of that to silently instruct. I do love public speaking and have a natural way of meeting with students or audiences by eliciting their questions and being guided by them in my presentations. Since I'm there to benefit an audience's need for being there before me, I'm inspired to rise to their challenges. Is this not the quintessential act of engaging rapport and allowing the connection to drive the message? In summary, I teach from the heart to the head which means cooperative alliances guide my viewpoints and advocacy. I think in terms of we, not just me, with a win-win goal in my mind's eye; it seems unnatural to think otherwise. People tell me that I'm an eternal optimist, maybe that is so, but I see it as a function of being committed to balance & Principle itself with a heart driven to encourage collaborative co-creating unions. As a final thought, I'm not afraid to make mistakes because I recover from them with new found wisdom to apply from that day forward. What does scare me, is apathy, cynicism and loss of hope no longer springing eternal from one's heart. I work to get the hope flows moving again and feel my way through that process person by person because it's a wound that's uniquely personal. Clearly, wholism teaching focused on rapport teaching for learning, is the way I am a changemaker. (I spell wholism as I do to emphasize "whole" not "hole" or gap.) I love trees and forests with lush greenery, especially when it's flowing with the waters of a bubbling fresh water spring, gurgling as it washes over rocks, peaking their heads above the water, that are persistently trying to persuade the stream's flow to change its course. I find that sound refreshing and peaceful. When I lived in Ohio and was traveling from one rural community to an another, I would stop along the roadside to sit at the edge of such places. Revisiting these memories refreshes me to this day! Of course, should we trek deep enough into the woods, we'll stumble upon a waterfall and take in the more robust delight such a sight imparts. I passionately choose to live so I may assist others to touch their essence and find their ability to express this potential outwardly. When Satchmo sings, "A Wonderful World," I feel my passion dancing in his words. Listening to him singing this song always gives me Pause, and often, moves me to a gentle tear accompanying a deep Inner Smile! I recognize Humanity's Unity of Oneness, and my work finds its joy in teaching, so others may learn who they truly are and, thus, awaken to the passions of their Spirit, who chooses to ignite, person by person, a critical mass that will give rise to a gradual momentum of acceptance amongst each other. Thus, birthing our collective intelligence into caring for one another, sensing how we are friends in different skins, fulfilling our destiny to live in Peace & Harmony, and to Prosper together. Is this not the en-joy-ment or happiness people long for? Ah, a lovely vision, is it not? Care to join me and imbibe of this delicious day finding reality? I dare say, rapport driven education will play a vital part in this day dawning as our shared reality. Wisely, we must remind ourselves how all high functioning adults in the earth kingdom instruct their young into the ways they desire their offspring to grow. Thus, my passion is clarifying the specifics of a paradigm shift that focuses on learning so much more than what our present education system for our children has deteriorated into being. Clearly, we need to seek to be more, not less. HU-manity meeting technology requires a rapid face-lift for our educational platform to be relevant, resilient, and touching the Spirit of HU-manity. Peace on earth will happen no other way than by returning to our unity as a race,and this is predicated upon genuine mutuality and respect. Such skills, and they are empathic related skills, must be nurtured or taught; life's poverty, war, human trafficking, drug abuse, & all other sorts of inhumanity, happen when we fail to teach life skills beyond mere survival of a species or we advocate greed and narcissism as the epitome of success. We are more mature than that, yes? (If not, we need to be, and education (ourselves & our children) is the way to that end result!) As we are educating our young into the adult progenitors of our collective future, we cannot neglect any skill they need, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is the wholism I often speak about in my writings. This is the heartbeat of my passion;it is the driving force that has given birth to Antakarana Co-Creation Learning Project(AKRNA), a vehicle to implement the vision & discoveries of which I've spoken herein. All to Love, Sharon Educational Experience and Training • Trained in the Montessori Educational Method as a certified classroom teacher and as a master mentor and educationalist • American Sign Language (ASL) training with informal classroom teaching at pre-k level • Conducted a 5 year research project validating the methodology and curriculum AKRNA will be advancing, included classroom teaching and school administration • Co-founder of Antakarana Montessori Method Association (AMMA) training pre-k through grade 2 teachers • Growing Up Strong (GUS) Senior Master Trainer conducting workshops and developing curriculum materials • Educational Consultant for academic and affective skill development - early childhood-grade 3 • Private tutoring for children 2–10 years and teaching adult workshops on variety of subjects • Director of Prime Time, a latch key after school program, for the YMCA • Established a part-time children’s program for Nature’s Nook • Various College and Continuing Education courses for facilitating co-dependency and alcoholic recovery, discipline, resource utilization, leadership, communications, computer program usage, professional sales training with field application, public speaking, listening skills, results-oriented planning, and marketing and public relations • Grant Writing Workshops • Attended Eastern Michigan University, Summit University, Oklahoma State University Technical Institute, Pacific Institute, University of Oklahoma, continuing education, and a Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Fraternity member • Founder and developer of SELFGnosis, a self-help and healing process Other Valuable Experience • CASA Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) • Right to Life pregnancy hotline counselor and public speaker • Ordained Essene New Life Church minister registered in the state of OK • Aikido martial arts, Sankyu (brown belt) • Participated on several citizen advisory committees for various law reform changes • Public speaking, volunteerism, headline editor, and worked on a cookbook publication

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