Shaylyn Romney Garrett


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Name: Shaylyn Romney Garrett
Organization: Think Unlimited
Title: Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director
I am a passionate Social Entrepreneur who believes that with creativity, grit, and persistence, anyone can develop and scale a social innovation that addresses the world's most pressing problems. As a retuned Peace Corps volunteer, I am committed to human development driven by locally expressed needs. I believe that fiercely practical solutions built around the very specific circumstances of participants are the only hope for real change. As an academic and ethnographer, I am deeply committed to using data and stories as a way to understand the impact of human development programs--Think Unlimited is learning, growing, and pivoting every day as we better understand how to build a game-changing organization and create transformative impact in the Arab world.

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Think Unlimited is reimagining learning in the Arab world by turning classrooms dominated by rote memorization into transformative environments that give birth to "Solutionaries," individuals equipped and empowered to solve their nations' most pressing problems through social innovation.