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Name: shikha uberoi
Organization: SDU Seva, Inc.
Title: Founder
Shikha Uberoi is a former top 100 WTA Tour tennis player, Asian Games Silver Medallist (Doha '06), India number 1, Zee Astitva Athlete of the Year 2007, and Indian Icon 2015. Today, she is the co-founder of India and a social entrepreneur using the mediums of sport/fitness and media to incite change. She was the first Indian woman to qualify and reach the second round of the US Open in 2004, was the top 10 fastest server in the world and is one of India¹s top 10 most glamorous athletes. She earned her bachelors degree from Princeton University majoring in Anthropology and minoring in South Asian Studies. She graduated with high academic standing while winning Princeton’s prestigious Kit Harris Memorial Award for Leadership and Ethics. She launched her media and lifestyle company, SDU Seva, Inc. in 2013 and is currently creating and producing international social issue television shows. She speaks internationally at various diplomatic conferences on female empowerment through sport and is becoming a face and force for female empowerment and women's leadership in India. She sat on the board of directors of the World Economic Forum’s “Global Shapers Initiative” for Bhopal and serves as a trustee and advisor to various NGOs and social enterprises. She is a brand ambassador for various brands such as Faro Global and Waterline Cosmetics. Shikha Uberoi was born and raised in Mumbai as well as Princeton NJ and is the second oldest of Mahesh and Madhu Uberoi's five, highly accomplished daughters.

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Social change and mainstream media do not have to be mutually exclusive. By creating and producing social issue tv, digital and news shows we inspire and incite action through awareness. The medium to create awareness, attitude change and action are through the multiple screens we see daily.