Shivani Singh


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Name: Shivani Singh
Organization: PATHFINDER | Consulting for Sustainable Development
Title: Founding & Managing Partner
Shivani Singh has grown up around the world, having lived in five countries and traveled seventeen. She comes from a humble background and was raised to value education, hard work and integrity with the highest regard. She left home for boarding school at the young age of ten and has been independent since. Shivani has achieved everything she needed to on her own, struggling through with the help of several jobs, scholarships, diligence and drive. She grew up wanting to ensure her family (siblings particularly) were well cared for before she completed her own education and established herself in New York City’s tough and competitive Financial Industry. Since Shivani was barely a teenager however, she has dreamed of helping to create a better world for all and especially those who are most vulnerable or unfortunate. Having addressed her greatest responsibilities and proven herself as an accomplished woman, Shivani is finally ready and working to realize her greatest dreams.

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We believe that in order to create lasting positive impact, we must engage a trilateral methodology that accounts for consulting with local social entrepreneurs, contributing to academia, and influencing policy. Each of these components is critical in achieving comprehensive change.