Sindhu Holla


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Name: Sindhu Holla
Organization: Pashm
Title: Sales
KARIGAR (‘artisan’ in Hindi) is a brand of handmade textile products for the global conscious consumer. Through our Home and Fashion range, we showcase the skills, craft and heritage of rural artisans, using contemporary design. We identify skilled crafts groups whose core strength lies in using traditional techniques to create products for local markets. While these products are beautiful and representative of their tradition, they are also limited in marketability. And we at KARIGAR wish to change that. By giving a strong design focus, we turn ethnic into contemporary and explore the possibilities of reaching out to a wider market. We strive to connect artisan with audience and do that by being transparent about our production process. We want to empower consumers and retailers with the help of technology, by giving them detailed insight into the creation process along with the information on all the people involved in the production chain. We do this with the help of our Talking Tag -- a hangtag with a unique QR code per product. A consumer can scan the code with their smartphone (download any QR code reader app) to find out details of the people who’ve helped give life to your KARIGAR product -- the name of the people who dyed the yarn, drafted the design and created your scarf. They can also see pictures and videos that will document the creation. Each KARIGAR product has its own story that we want people to know and share with friends and family through social media.

Challenge Entries

Do you love the designs of our KARIGAR product but concerned about how they were made? You can finally stop asking us if we use child labour or if our artisans are being treated well. We connect Artisan to the Audience through the Talking Tag that gives you information about the production process.