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Name: Smilja Ignjatovic
Organization: NGO Zemljobrod Srbija
Title: Marcel - the habit changer
Finishing my studies in arts I got into dilemma, should I go as most young to study and work abroad or should I stay in my undeveloped, destroyed and poor country on Balkans. Beautiful thing in being poor county is that the most of the nature is not destroyed by big industry or become unfinished fields of crops. Yet, the bad thing is extremely low conscience and education about pollution and environment. I decided to buy a peace of land in the mountains and build a small Eco-house with very little money and lots of recycled materials. As a city child naturally I had to adopt on living in the nature so, I started to invent many small practical solutions for dealing with everyday life problems. With the big support from my life and working partner we started to educate people around us about living with nature and saving soil. I finished Permaculture Design Course, organised and hold many lectures on themes about saving environment, green building and permacuture in general. In the near future I believe in building a ecology educational center.

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Jul 09, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Recycling, Infrastructure, Pollution, Sanitation

A composting toilet is a waterless and sustainable toilet system, with same comfort, but without impact on the environment with sewage waste.By separating urine, human pathogens are eliminated from solid waste in six to twelve months.We encourage you to change your habits in order to save enviroment