Sohayeb Belguith


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Name: Sohayeb Belguith
Organization: TEDxENIMonastir
Title: Curator
My experience with enactus community, TED community, and being a part of U.S. exchange program helped me obtain and enhance many major skills including leadership, management, communication and entrepreneurship skills. Realizing several projects for the people in need as the ex-team leader of enactus ENIM, organizing a TEDx event in my university and participating in the prestigious program SUSI for Student Leaders on Social Entrepreneurship in the United States, taught me all how to work with a team and be a leader, to have a vision, to overcome difficult and stressful situations, to lead successfully negotiations and implement projects, in the aim of Changing for the best. I have learned also how to work with professionals, business leaders, local and foreign organizations to make the needed progress and to achieve the goals. I have a dream since I was kid to have an international career as a manager and a change maker, by thinking globally and acting locally. It is true that I am in the beginning of the way, but I am self-confident, there is nothing I can’t learn, I believe I can make great achievements, and so far I am doing great job

Challenge Entries

My venture is about a Coworking Space where our clients can work in a collaborative way yet each on his own project by sharing a work space.