Stephanie Mbida

Name: Stephanie Mbida
Organization: Freudon
Title: Founder
Stephanie Mbida is a Youth Entrepreneurship Champion and a Multi-Award winning Entrepreneur with over 10 years experience creating businesses around the world. At age 9, she took over her aunt’s business with no money. She quickly grew the business and served enough people in her neighborhood to become the youngest entrepreneur of her neighborhood. Soon enough, she started her second business and then her third. These experiences enabled her to consult with many entrepreneurs both in person and via the internet. She does it well because of her on the ground insight. Stephanie founded KickLoans in 2012, a Microfinance Organization dedicated to helping the working poor uplift themselves out of poverty; she also initiated the first-ever twitter chat on Financial Inclusion which reached over one million people around the world in less than 5 months. Stephanie is also involved with the United Nations in New York City where she persistently highlights entrepreneurship as an efficient and proven solution for youth unemployment and economic growth; she encourages the UN to move beyond words and implement entrepreneurship in their programs. On August 12, 2015, she hosted a twitter chat with the theme of youth civic engagement (#YouthDay) in conjunction with the UN international Youth Day which promotes youth civic engagement and the participation of youth to achieve sustainable human development. The event reached over 2.5 million twitter accounts around the world and connected youth across boarders. On November 2015 she founded "Freudon" the world’s first 360° crowdfunding platform for Millennial Entrepreneurs and artists ages 16-35. Launched in Spring 2016, the crowdfunding platform has already raised over $100,000 for its entrepreneurs within its first month. The global company works with international startups, spotlighting the critical need to empower youth to enter the world stage with their ideas and stories. You can connect directly with Stephanie on twitter.

Challenge Entries

KickLoans provides financial solutions (business training, microloans and savings) to the poorest of the poor. Our video-only microfinance platform enables the global community to directly loan and empower low-income individuals in Africa.

KickLoans attacks poverty through financial inclusion and entrepreneurship. Currently, we are focusing our efforts in Tanzania where we provide the unbanked with financing options for their microbusinesses and ideas. We do this via grants, donations, and our peer to peer lending platform.