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Name: Stephanie Ruiz
Organization: E-Waste de Guatemala
Title: Project Coordinator
I am an entrepreneur, interested in environmental issues because I believe that if every individual makes a little work it could create over time a radical change for the benefit of all and mainly the planet. I'm with this NGO since its inception, so I'm basically active part of the project in which every day we strive to collect as much electronic waste as we can. It's amazing how these toxic wastes earn capital gains as under the constant changes in technology today.

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Jun 27, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Recycling, Environment, Pollution, Waste

So far we have worked by collecting waste and delivering it to an international operator. Now we want to begin dismantling in a manual way the waste we receive from our customer/recipient.This to reduce toxicity and avoid the bad practices that other people or organizations have towards it.