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Name: Storyland Teachers
Organization: Special Primary School ,,Maca Ovcharova,,
Title: Life adventures through Storytelling
We are a team of three special educators / rehabilitators who work with children with special needs. We work with children aged 6-12 years who learn in special primary school and the children involved in mainstrain schools and kindergartens in our local community. Our children have difficulties in understanding the outside world and critical thinking, behavior problems, learning difficulties, speech, attention and concentration. They are children with pervasive developmental disorders, hyperactivity, intellectual disability and/or multiple disabilities in their development. The method of storytelling that combines multiple types of drama activities and role plays has significant impact in a rehabilitation process and teaching of children with special needs. Through this method and the most complex reality can be divided into fundamental components, and so in a more specific and concrete way to get closer to children. Learning through drama is intended to create the experience of children with special needs in everyday life. These experience of children are durable and full with emotion. It allows simulation of realistic situations, learning the roles and correct social behavior. The use of the method of play is a combination of interactive learning and play. We learn in our classrooms, in the open space, in the real market, in the park, in the zoo and so one. Ours drama plays are open for the local citizens and schools. Through the use of various dramatic elements in the educational process, we doesn't strive for perfect dramatic interpretation, but a series of short dramatic improvisation order to focus on acquiring specific knowledge and skills to apply knowledge in real terms, and the development of critical thinking, and gain self-confidence about various problematic situations. It encourages students to develop their creativity, their curiosity, imagination and originality in problem solving. Through this way, children gain direct experience of experiencing various situations. Also, here comes to the fore the ability to transform the characters and express their creative potential. Especially this method has great influence in teaching children with special educational needs. The play raises the need to expand their knowledge beyond the limits laid down in the curriculum. Also, we are trying to encourage parents to be active participators in the development and learning through drama play of their child.

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We promote the interactive method of learning through drama and play for children with special educational needs, at the age of 6-12 years. Almost, 10 years we develop this method and we achieve significant results in the areas of behavior, knowledge,psycho motor development and inclusion.