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Subhashish Acharya

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Name: Subhashish Acharya
Organization: Project STARFISH | America
Title: Founder
With over 15 years of IT experience in various roles including Sales , Biz Dev , Pre-sales , Operations , Business Strategy+ Planning and Mergers+ Acquisitions business development. I have a unique 360 degree perspective on how big companies run and succeed wrt, Sales , Technology , Operations and supply chains , Business Strategy and People. I am a firm believer of the "GE Way" of having a person experience different roles and becoming adept at it and spiral their learning and experience curve to have a 360 degree perspective of organizations and people. Leadership to me is Holistic in nature. It necessarily isn't the easiest way , but definitely the most sustainable in nature. My experience includes: -Global Account Management ( Citigroup/AIG etc) -Knowledge on industries , business functions, processes -In-depth understanding of Mergers/Acquisitions -Understanding Technology as a whole and how it dovetails into the business -Architecture : Business and IT -Quality Process understanding : Six Sigma and DMAIC -People leadership and management and the ability to establish a win-win every time -Creative and "Out of the Box" strategic thinking, planning and executing -Solution Centric thinking GIVING BACK : We are advocates for blind and disabled. We make films to advocate for them. We run a Non-Profit , which is unique named Project STARFISH America. We bring select , talented, blind and disabled people, train them on business skills and integrate them with local businesses to develop and expand them. All at no cost! Its like a shared service and an internship punched together to help expand the economy and make money for both business and the disabled. Specialties: Business Strategy , Account Intel , Go To Market , Organization Performance , Management Consulting , Advisory, Six Sigma, Film making , Business profile strategy, City promotion , Non-profit , Business consulting , Management consulting , Generate Employment .

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Jul 05, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Employment, Income generation, Labor, Social enterprise

Millions of disabled people are talented, yet do not get opportunities to get back to the workforce, and create business value resulting into economic independence. We virtually train, create a workforce and deploy them as workers with small businesses who need part-time, on demand skilled workers.

Project Starfish is an experiential and 100% inclusive business learning and opportunity platform for unemployed blind/disabled professionals to learn, earn, grow, gain work experience, create business impact, become employable and live a life of dignity, solving the high rate (80%) of unemployment.