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sushmita ghosh

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Name: Sushmita Ghosh
Organization: Ashoka
Title: Founder, Changemakers
I began my career as a journalist, as the Executive Editor of Maneka Gandhi's national Indian news magazine "Surya" before launching my own freelance journalism service that covered big ideas of any kind. I met Ashoka with the intent of writing about the organization and ended up joining it, to scale up Ashoka's social entrepreneurship program in India. Over close to two decades with Ashoka, I helped co-launch its activities in Latin America, launched Changemakers, served as Ashoka's President for five years and then as a member of its Leadership team. I now serve Ashoka as a volunteer, in an honorary role of Leadership Team Emerita, and I cannot imagine anything more fun than to work with firebrands who really want to change the world, and have clear plans to do so, constantly iterating and improving them based on what works. But -- why limit iteration to one organization or one community or one challenge? Why not create a shared, open space where anyone can share their innovations and track their progress in order to find collaborators, receive visibility and financial and other resources? That's what we're up to at Ashoka Changemakers, and that's what I'm excited to co-invent with all on this platform.