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Name: Taimur Hyat-Khan
Organization: Tehreek-e-Pakistan Saani
Website: http://tereek-e-pakistan-saani.blogspot.com/
Title: Principle Investigator

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Mar 18, 2012 / 1 Comments / in Development & Prosperity

The state of affairs in the Green Sector is positively not sustainable! At the present rate we will have completely degraded and/ or exhausted our Renewable Natural Resources within a matter of a decade or two. The tremendous population pressure that we are exerting will soon reach crisis proportions. The era of beg and borrow is now almost at a close. It is a great shame that when there is plenty of scope for improvement and enhancement, we are forced to face a situation of need and scarcity. It is not my intention to expose our National Dirty Linen in Public.

Safe Living in Harmony with Nature adequately meeting 21st Century Challenges that is energy efficient and utilizes Rain Water Harvesting, Passive Solar Heating and Shading, Technically Precisely Correct, Water Recycling, Solid & Liquid Waste Processing, Wind Catchers, Solar and Wind Orientation, Breathable Walls for Deionization and can take the challenge of Climate Crash or Global Warming. Capable of Integration with Household Nutritional Food Security. In short Self-Reliant, Earthquake, Tsunami, Fire, Flood, Explosion Proof.