Angélica Torres


Name: Angélica Torres
Organization: Iridescent
Title: Senior Director Technovation Challenge
Angélica applies her research background in anthropology, ecology, and psychology to create learning communities that bridge corporations, pre-K-12 classrooms, and higher education. She loves project management and in her previous position delivered fast-paced assignments for Wall Street and life science executives. Angélica led Technovation Challenge 2012 in NYC and oversees global operations for Technovation Challenge 2013. Technovation Challenge is a 12-week spring program that teaches middle and high school girls how to program a mobile app and launch a start-up company. Angélica lives in Connecticut with her husband and 9-month old son.

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Jul 16, 2012 / 0 Comments / in Business, Education, Girls' development, Mentorship, Youth leadership

Technovation Challenge inspires girls and women to see themselves, not just as users of technology, but as creators, inventors, designers, and entrepreneurs in the technology industry.