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Name: Thea Holm
Organization: Holms and Friends
Title: Mrs
A Leader in Education for Sustainable Development! Please visit our website: for proof of many years commitment and awards received for taking action and setting an example in sowing the green seeds of an alternative lifestyle. Member of international group, based in Germany and working on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for Education for Sustainable Development.

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100% Green Tourism venue, offers educational tours to school groups and show casing various forms of an alternative lifestyle for the promotion of sustainable development. This is how Green Tourism should look like!

Here in South Africa there are no strict law enforcement around pollution and environmental exploitation, therefor people like to stick with old ways, i.e. in the tourism industry it doesn't matter if electricity or water prices go up, they just put the price of accommodation up! Schools complain they never have a big enough budget, but they are ignorant in ways to reduce consumption and need guidance and assistance in that; which they definitely do not receive from government and dept education.

May 03, 2012 / 0 Comments / in Sustainable development

A non-intrusive fun filled Action Day at a hotel where a team of “Energy Detectives” (max 25 pupils) from a school in the area , will take energy measurements on their premises. Topics covered: water, electricity (appliances & lighting), waste and means of travel. Further activities for Action Day: Food preparation with a parabolic solar cooker by the chef of the hotel for the Energy Detective Team. A parabolic solar cooker is already donated and will become the property of the school afterwards.