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Name: Theresa U Michael
Organization: Model Mission of Assistance in Africa MOMI AFRICA
Title: Founder and Global Development Coordinator
Theresa Uchechukwu Michael is the Founder and Global Development Coordinator at Momi Africa; a Fellow of International Citizens Exchange Network of the US Department of State 2000. Theresa has over 28 years’ experience in the field of Education and Employment of Youth, Digital Literacy, Teacher Education and Volunteerism, Gender and Development, Venture Financing and Corporate Public Relations, Peace and Human Rights of Women, Youth and Children. She has worked as a Director, Team Leader, Trainer, and Senior Development Consultant with national and international organisations in various countries of Africa and other parts of the world. She sits on the board of several organisations, and actively participates in many regional and international networks. She is a seasoned Educator, social entrepreneur, activist and writer, with several awards for innovative contributions to development and change. Theresa is building a new vocational model in Nigeria, a great innovation that skills and places youth in occupations they love and lead as collateral to guarantee economic success and social returns; within cohort systems of educational, financial and social responsibility that self-employ, peer-mentor and mutually regulate. She holds an MA in International Politics and Security Studies from the University of Bradford, United Kingdom; a Bachelor of Education in English from University of Benin, Nigeria; a Postgraduate Certificate in Women, Gender and Development from the Royal Tropical Institute Amsterdam, Netherlands, and a Certificate in Public Relations from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, a Certificate from the Academy For International Conflict Management and Peacebuilding; and a Certificate in the Role of Women’s Organisations in Socio-Political Affairs from Africa-America Institute. She has several publications to her credit Passion: Basic and Citizenship Education, Youth Employment, Poverty Elimination and Empowerment of Vulnerable groups such as Girls Vision: A world of inclusive development and social security for all across the life span.

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Theresa is positioning young people to take responsibility for their skills development, employment and economic empowerment and play a key role in empowering other youth with the opportunities to do the same.

Nov 13, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Education, Youth development, Disability rights, Gender equity

Momi Africa is positioning young people to take responsibility for their skills and economic development, and for key roles in empowering other youth to do the same. Nigeria's education system is failing its students and teachers, and Theresa and Momi Africa are turning it around.