Tom Carroll

Teaching and America's Future

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Name: Tom Carroll
Organization: National Commission on Teaching and America's Future
Title: President, National Commission on Teaching and America's Future

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NCTAF STEM Learning Studios organize teachers, professionals, and students into cross-disciplinary inquiry teams that work on significant community challenges. Studio investigations promote deeper student learning, continuous teacher development, and high impact industry engagement. As students learn STEM by doing STEM, they become curious, thoughtful learners who develop the 21st century knowledge and skills they need to prepare for college, careers, and life.

NCTAF STEM Learning Studios are cross-curricular, interdisciplinary teams of 4-6 teachers who collaboratively develop and implement hands-on projects. These teams of teachers in high-needs schools work with STEM professional volunteers from the community, who become part-time, long-term participants in schools. Built on 3 proven strategies (project-based learning; collaborative teaching; and well-structured participation by STEM professionals), Learning Studios emphasize the interconnectedness of STEM subjects and utilize practicing scientists and real-world resources.