Tsega Belachew


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Name: Tsega Belachew
Organization: Ashoka
Website: http://www.changemakers.com
Tsega is a champion for social change through social innovation and technology. Born and raised in Ethiopia, Tsega’s experiences as a 16-year-old co-founder for the first youth-led drought relief effort implemented across Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, stays close to her heart. A StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellow, Tsega has served as a leader and catalyst within the African diaspora community launching two initiatives with aims to amplify African voices. Prior to joining Ashoka, Tsega developed and implemented partnership, knowledge-exchange, content and community engagement strategies for organizations in the global health, international development, and social innovation sectors. At these organizations, she applied technology solutions to enable collaboration and knowledge exchange. At Ashoka, Tsega leads knowledge-exchange, content production and community engagement strategies about African social entrepreneurship focusing on youth employment and development. She also spearheads capacity building efforts and manages online strategies for the organization towards enabling an “Everyone a Changemaker” world.