Tshepi Matloga

Tshepy Matloga

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Name: Tshepi Matloga
Organization: Chronicles Media Group
Website: http://www.chroniclesmediagroup.co.za
Title: Founder and CEO
I am a journalist turned entrepreneur, the founder of chronicles media group. A platform that is aimed at restoring the image of Africa to the international community through story telling. We use both our website www.chroniclesmediagroup.co.za to tell stories of Africa development and profile young African entrepreneurs to promote intra Africa trade and Azania magazine which is Malawi's premier women empowerment magazine that comes in both digital and hardcopy. My greatest success would be to see my publications being used as reference for people who want to invest in Africans run businesses

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Chronicles Media Group through its Online magazine African Youth Empowered aims not only to share young successful entrepreneurs stories to encourage more young people to take the same route but also because a place where young Africans can source services from each other and create more jobs