Uchechukwu Simon


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Name: Uchechukwu Simon
Organization: Sakar's Foundation International for the empowerment of the marginallised groups, physically challenged and destitutes.
Title: Comrade
A handful of marginalized groups (including physical challenged adolescent girls & women and religious marginallised) exist in this city Onitsha and the close rural habitats in the targeted 12 LGAs including Anambra North Senatorial district. This marginalization had resulted into diminishing amount of Representation of the people in this area specifically (the Anambra East & West local government & Awka South). They boost of the most under-developed habitat since majority are un-empowered farmers. The tendency of rural-Urban migration of this marginalized groups are relatively low; hence they can be lived into uncultured acts by any simple foreign demonstration. Rural – Urban roads are not accessible as the even produced Agriculture products are mostly consumed by them since no motorable roads are available to convey their produce to a more profitable market. Uncultured Violent practices are still remarkably practiced since they lack even the most possible basic education. Gender inequalities are the Core customs of the people and hence; then is no room for participatory planning/budgeting experienced between them and government. The least peaceful co-existence are once experienced over a land dispute among the afore listed lga and whence, the significances are yet to be deleted. We culture of peace advocacy was adopted to salvage the most vulnerable and that are the physically challenged who cannot run farther when it begins. We strive to promote the peaceful co-existence of this people irrespective of their status; we transform them to a change using the "powers of influence available".

Challenge Entries

The statistics of death rate in Nigeria can be decreased if we can invest a little resource in the ROAD SIGN VENTURE. Most roads do not have caution signs to alert the consciousness of the road users thus leveraging greater skewness in the accident kutorsis. Something ought to be done now.

To initiate dynamic engagement and institutionalised dialogue between the city actors and the targeted marginalized/impaired groups in the formal governance through advocacy, lobbying, Sensitization & capacity building as at when due, and leverage equal participation of the gender marginallised.