Utkarsh Ghate

CCD N. India

Name: Utkarsh Ghate
Organization: CCD
Website: http://www.ccdgroup.org
Title: Director
Social entrepreneur in green growth, agriculture. eo-friendly marketing.

Challenge Entries

We will promote “health literacy” by making people in poor, central Indian forest tracts aware of basic health-nutrition concepts in Hindi language, through e-portal, PDF file, U-Tube video clips, e-helper primary aid. & sell Spice , herbal seeds for tribal healthcare & seeds & saplings.

Sep 12, 2012 / 0 Comments / in Community development, Economic development

Poor people’s own company for better income though value addition & market access through sustainable livelihoods along with nature conservation.

Kitchen herbal garden (KHG) comprises of 10-12 local herb species & the poor families are thought home remedies from it for primary healthcare. This saves about 50% of health expenses. The program makes patients award of causes of their ill health & empowers them to cure these.Traditional medicine is forgotten & discussed in its source are as but misused/pirated elsewhere. This is evident from the growth in herbal medicines world wide especially in metros & amongst the urban elite.

CCD promoted a herbal medicine company named Gram Moolige Co. Ltd. (GMCL i.e. village herbs) with shareholding by rural women gatherer groups alone. These are landless laborer & gather herbs in dry season when farming ceases. Its now profitably sells raw drugs by avoiding middlemen & also manufacturing-selling herbal medicines.