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Name: Valerie Lothian
Title: Founder
Valerie Lothian is an Intuitive Business Developer | accredited Mentor, Author of Be The Confident You! The Inner Battlefield To Clear Thinking And Straight Talking book, and founder of the Kickstart Review business development assessment service. She found her calling after helping a friend recover from a double-suicide attempt from a relationship breakdown. Ever since, Valerie always includes stress management relief strategies in her engagement techniques. This puts others at ease whilst providing tailored solutions to their challenges. To see how others view Valerie and her work, take a look at her profile =>

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According to a study by Marketdata Enterprises in 2010, the motivational self-improvement market is worth $10.5 billion. This includes programs and services developed into books, CDs/DVDs, audiobooks, infomercials, motivational speakers, seminars/workshops, retreats, webinars, personal coaching, online education, websites, training organisations and more.