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Vugar Usi Adigozal

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Name: Vugar Adigozal
Organization: The DO School
I used to have goals instead of dreams. Living life as a minority and refugee for 22 years, while struggling with life under rain of bullet and bombs you have no time for dreaming, there is no choice but running. There is only one law; if you stop you will be killed. Being from staunchly conservative and militarized family, while making choices about future I tried to become the change which I want to see. I believe in power of education and I believe in a change! From the early years of study I realized that all the experts are experts on what was – I want to be an expert on “what will be”; I want to become an expert on the future. As a person who grew in a family of military servants and as a person who directly suffered from the war beginning its first breath I can understand how conflicts are dangerous for mankind. All “real life” experience of mine, pushed me to stand for peace and now I am trying to do my best for reaching permanent peace in my country, in the region where I live. I am sure that education and way of realization dream projects should be different in XXI century. No matter to formal education, I tried to give more place to non-formal education which played a great role in my life and shaped my knowledge and skills. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management which gives me chance to make more powerful projects with real impact. Now, I am master student with almost 7 years of practice in NGO sector and peace building. There was a time when war was fought for lack of choice; today it is peace that is the non-choice option. Today it is clear that classical diplomacy and strategy were aimed at identifying enemies and confronting them. Now we have to identify dangers, global or local and tackle them before they become disaster. Peace is the most important value that we should instill in ourselves. I’m sure that the source of material wealth and political power have changed, no longer are they determined by the size of territory occupied by war. Today they are a consequence of intellectual potential, information and campaigning.

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