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Name: Wiem Chamsi
I’m a third year student at the institute of higher studies of commerce (IHEC SOUSSe) . I'm a volunteer and responsible of dissemination in The Tunisian Red Crescent Local Branch of Hammam Sousse, a member in Junior Chamber International and i have recently joined Generation for peace. I was more than lucky to participate in social entrepreneurship susi program hosted in Uconn and i'm trying my best to make my project happen. Thanks for the opportunity^^ #TogetherForHumanity

Challenge Entries

2016,some are preparing to visit the moon while alot of children are unable to go to school!
The main aim of "Yalla2School"is to stimulate learning environments, help children to go to school without worries and implant volunteering and leadership in them.

It's heart breaking when an adult asks your help to read or to write, even more when an elder does!

The main aim of "Yalla2School" project is to make material needs the least of your worries ^^