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Wisdom Sena Agoha

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Name: Wisdom Sena Agoha
Organization: Wise and Solace Foundation
Title: Mr
I hold Bsc in Business Administration, Banking and Finance (major), Diploma in Business Administration from Data Link University and Advance Business Certificate in Human Resource Management, Marketing and Business Communication from West African Examination Council (WAEC) and had his secondary education at Mawuli School in Ho and Basic education at Wisdom Preparatory School, Agbozume. He attended Financial Management in NGO’S training by Mango Training UK with Certificates and Carrier Workshops with Certificates. l was born in Afife, Ketu North in the year 1981 and married with two children. I have years of proven determination and dependability with well-developed business mind, reflecting career of strong leadership skills coupled with great skills to persuade. Recognized ability to adapt to all situations and still work with little or no supervision. He has an outstanding record of working on large scale duties and delivering on time and under budget and pressure. He is a Team-based interaction style and superior interpersonal skills personality. He is religious and believes in the existence of an all knowing creator whose creation he respects. He has only two values in life: honesty and truthfulness. I am a young enthusiastic man, with passion and proved beyond any reasonable doubt, readiness, to serve humanity and change the youth and children in rural deprived communities. I am doing this with reason that the youth and children in rural communities possess wonderful talents and skills like any of their colleagues in the urban areas but due to lack of opportunities and exposures, they “perish” with these skills and talent where the deprived rural communities still remain without a change. With the unceasing desire, l founded Wise and Solace Foundation in 2011 with mission to develop and implement assistance initiatives for youth and children in rural communities. As the Founder and Executive Director of this Non-Governmental Organization since 2011, he ensures that they operate to enable the youth and children in rural communities to become self-reliant and develop their community at large. In summary, below are some of the activities Wisdom and Solace Foundation carried out in the year 2012 – 2013: Child welfare project to advice parents on child abuse and neglect; provide services to families that need assistance in the protection and care of their children; arrange for children to live with kin or with foster families when they are not safe at home and parent were advice to send their children to school. Distribution of footwear and school bags for Children in Agorve and donating football, verse to youth in Afife as a way of using sports to promote the activities among the youth in the community. Good Health project also donated medical equipment to 5 communities in the Ketu north District assembly in April to support health centers in the 5 communities to deliver very effectively on health issues. Christmas party (26th December, 2013) was also was organized at Eleme-Kpegagbor to share the joy of the season with those children whose parent would not be able to provide food, clothing for them during the Christmas. Above all, my dream is to change the cause of the children and youth living in rural areas especially in his villages. Among his aim is to help the children and youth continue their education, and learn skills that they become self-reliant and develop their community at large. He continued to invite all and sundry to help fulfill this dream together. “Together we can make a difference”.

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The after class hours program is pilot program at four public school that will serve pupil in class 4, 5 and 6, whose parents income is low and encompass a broad range focus areas including academic support , arts and sports.