Yao Lee


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Name: Yao Lee
Organization: Oceanic Gold Pte Ltd (Asia Social Ventures)
Website: http://asiasocialventures.com
Title: Director
Lee Yaoneng spent 6 years working as a project engineer for aerospace firms, designing, prototyping and implementing multi-million dollar projects. In 2008, his team of multi-disciplinary engineers developed a weather balloon that broke the highest altitude amateur world record. However, his interest in green technologies and sustainable farming concepts like permaculture soon led him to setup an environmental consultancy, with a focus on developing ecological sanitation projects and advocating the design of ecosans into commercial and residential buildings in Singapore. His involvement and leadership in nonprofit organizations such Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Care Community Services and GBNV meant that he devoted a large amount of his free time pursuing community development projects. For 4 years, he led corporate teams in Habitat for Humanity projects throughout the region and established corporate ties between the non profit and companies around the region. It is this pursuit and passion for community development that led him to co-found Oceanic Gold to create sustainable social enterprises that can be used as a business and investment platform for wider community involvement.

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Oceanic Gold is an impact investment firm that encourages and develops scalable SMEs in rural communities within the ASEAN region. We set up rural development projects in countries like Indonesia and the Philippines with a focus on poverty alleviation. Our projects comprise of scalable agricultural-based enterprises that will help rural entrepreneurs create jobs in their communities.