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Name: Zubaida Bai
Organization: AYZH
Website: https://www.ayzh.com
Title: Founder and Chief Executive
I have extensive experience in technology design and development for women in developing markets. In my previous role as a Project Officer for the Lemelson Foundations Initiative in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology Madras and Impoverished Innovations Network, I offered technological and business advice to impoverished innovators and helped bring innovations to market for over three years. I attended Dalarna University, Sweden to study development of modular products en-route to a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. I have recently completed an MBA in Social and Sustainable Enterprises and below is a short list of my awards and achievements. Echoing Green Fellow - Echoing Green - June 2012 http://www.echoinggreen.org/fellowship/echoing-green-fellowship http://www.echoinggreen.org/fellows/zubaida-bai One of 60 Designs to Improve Life Globally - INDEX Awards - June 2011 http://www.designtoimprovelife.dk/index.php?option=com_content_custom&view=article&id=525:finalist2011&catid=32:finalists-2011&Itemid=302&Itemid=302 Affordable Health Innovation Award - World Health Care Congress - April 2011 http://whcchealthinnovations.wordpress.com/2011/04/15/telemedicine-india-grameen-caledonian-college-of-nursing-ayzh-honored-at-whcc-affordable-health-innovations-exhibit-april-2011-washington-d-c/ Young Champion of Maternal Health - Ashoka and Engender Health - October 2010 http://www.ashoka.org/youngchampions#meet
 http://www.ashoka.org/zubaida-bai-rebecca-onie Outstanding Commitment Award - Clinton Global Initiative University 2010 http://www.cgiu.org/commitments/awards/2010/ <-- Look under Public Health TEDIndia Fellow - TED Ideas Worth Spreading - November 2009 https://www.ted.com/profiles/254505 International Presidential Fellow - Colorado State University - September 2008

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AYZH is creating a Clean Birth Kit Revolution. We are one of the only for-profit companies targeting the untapped market of health institutions with clean birth commodities, giving us significant and scalable access to underprivileged women worldwide. Our innovative distribution model combined with our award-winnning $2 Clean Birth Kit, saves lives and changes lives one product at a time.

AYZH est une entreprise social offrant des solutions de santé pour les femmes. Nous développons à faible coût, une technologie appropriée conçue pour répondre aux besoins des femmes défavorisées.

AYZH is a for-profit social venture providing health & livelihood solutions to women worldwide. We develop low-cost, appropriate technology designed to meet the unique needs of underprivileged women.

AYZH serves the needs of impoverished women worldwide through affordable appropriate technologies for improved health and livelihood.

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AYZH brings Appropriate Technologies in Health and Livelihood for women in Rural India.