Cheap Small and Large Scale Water Purification Sytems for Developing Countries using Moringa seeds and Ultraviolet radiation.

Cheap Small and Large Scale Water Purification Sytems for Developing Countries using Moringa seeds and Ultraviolet radiation.

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Moringa seed's amazing ability to purify and detoxify polluted water rapidly, which coupled with ultraviolet radiation, provide an affordable water purification solution.

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Which of these barriers is the primary focus of your work?

Limited focus on long-term impact

Which of the principles is the primary focus of your work?

Value-added services mean added business income

If you believe some other barrier or principle should be included in the mosaic, please describe it and how it would affect the positioning of your initiative in the mosaic

Policies distort pricing, lower profits & lead to misuse of water & waste. Public information alone doesn't change behaviours. Lack of access to equity/credit in the sector. Connect solutions to the housing & finance sector. Financing for the new consumer.

What is your signature innovation, your new idea, in one sentence?

Moringa seed's amazing ability to purify and detoxify polluted water rapidly, which coupled with ultraviolet radiation, provide an affordable water purification solution.

Describe your innovation. What makes your idea unique and different than others doing work in the field?

The cationic polyelectrolyte in Moringa seed or seed cake functions like alum used in conventional plants but is affordable, biodegradable and leaves no taste, odour, colour and toxicity. The ultraviolet radiation offers adequate sterilisation. The technologies are 100% natural, sustainable and use no electricity and can be adapted to many low cost rural and household systems leading to imrproved healthconditions.

Delivery Model: How do you implement your innovation and apply it to the challenge/problem you are addressing?

Moringa seeds or seed cake are made available from the production process of our Moringa farmers and processors mostly as waste from the oil process. After drying and milling to fine powder, they are bagged and used in our model water purification plants or sold to other users. The treated water is subjected to ultraviolet radiation and made available to our customers in a pure acceptable form for consumption.

How do you plan to expand your innovation?

Talks have begun with the Ghana Water and Sewerage Company Limited, Community Water and Sanitation Agency, rural and urban small scale water purification plants, water bottling companies and other district authorities to patronize this innovation. We have set a network of farmers and processors acrosss the entire country to engage in massive cultivation and production of Moringa products which will make availalble more Moringa seed cake for our use.

Do you have any existing partnerships, and if so, how do you create them?

For now, there are three main partnerships: Moringa Oleifera Farms and Industries Limited (MOFIL), Moringa Oleifera Cultivation and Marketing Program (MOCAMP) and Moringa Oleifera Farmers and Producers Association (MOFPA). MOFIL is a registered limited liability company formed by 2 private companies, 3 NGOs amd employees of the company. MOCAMP is under the direction of Christian Volunteer Service International (CVSI) but with MOFIL and other organisations as members. MOFPA groups various Moringa farmers and producers under one roof to advocate for a suitable business environment for Moringa producers and farmers. I started with CVSI and went on to get MOFIL into being before initiating MOCAMP and finally MOFPA.

Provide one sentence describing your impact/intended impact.

Pure clean water with no taste, odour, colour and toxicity, affordable and available to all especially the rural and urban poor is expectedl.

What are the main barriers to creating or achieving your impact?

The long term impact on the health of the citizenry through the provision of cheap and appropriate safe water is not recognized much by the government. The present emphasis is on conventional materials like alum and chlorine thereby making the moringa seed cake of no value. More advocacy is needed and intended to cause a change in behaviour which mere public information has not yielded good results.

How many people have you served or plan to serve?

1,000 to 2 million people


1,000 to 10,000 people or companies


10,000 to 2 million people

Please list any other measures of the impact of your innovation?

Usage of moringa seed cake on a sustainable basis will result in the planting of more moringa trees which will be helpful to the environment, attract carbon credits and the availability of other moringa p;roducts to improve the health of the people and bring increased income to the farmers and processors thereby eliminating poverty among the rural and urban poor.

Is there a policy intervention element to your innovation, if so please describe?

Usage of moringa seed cake and ultraviolet radiation for water purification is not fully endorsed by the authorities in the water and sanitation sectors. A strong advocacy is intended to ensure that a policy intervention is introduced by the central government to enable all sectors of the administrative set up and the private sector to accept our products.

Exactly who are the beneficiaries of your innovation?

The rural and urban poor with no access to convential treated water especially those living in the Northern part of the country are the main beneficiaries with people who admire safe water devoid of chemical elements being secondary.

How is your initiative financed (or how do you expect your initiative will be financed)?

An inital grant from Technoserve Ghana enabled me to start MOFIL. The proceeds from the sale of moringa products will help to fiinace our operations until loans and other grants are acquired.

Provide information on your finances and organization:

We are yet to generate income.

What is the potential demand for your innovation?

2 million units of 500g of moringa seed cake in the first year.

What are the main barriers to financial sustainability?

Being a new product, there is an intial inertia which will be boken down when policy interventions are put in place and orders come on stream.

The Story
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TThe innovation came into being four years ago as I worked in the NGO sector to promote the use of Moringa in hosehold diets. More research was done to come up with the present state.

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A social entrepreneur of twenty five years standing