The Living Water Solar System - Pure Water With A Twist of Sunshine.

The Living Water Solar System - Pure Water With A Twist of Sunshine.

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The Living Water Solar System is a Solar Powered Desalination and purification system.

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The Living Water Solar System is a Solar Powered Desalination and purification system.

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This Living Water Solar System version (1 of 3 versions) is an extremely cost efficient solar powered water purification system, for missions, small community, village and relief applications, that the local indigenous people can easily build for themselves

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Through tooling licenses, the implementation can be accomplished through any number of formats, from thousands of micro businesses through franchises and development firms

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Over the years The Living Water Solar System has grown in scope from the original "Bottled Water Alternative" before drinking water quality was even on the radar for the domestic market to a complete line of solar appliances packaged into an aesthetic weather tight roofing system, the instant primitive site self help application, to a utility scale sea water desalination system for coastal metropolitan water supplies.

Do you have any existing partnerships, and if so, how do you create them?

Over the years I have had the opportunity to garner many contacts with deep interest in participation through distribution, installation, and testing, including the World Health Organization, World Vision, the State of California, The Metropolitan Water District, The US D.O.E. and a host of others. These relationships are the product of many years of working in the field or water resources and renewable energy.

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provide enlightenment on the issue but also solutions for the many problems associated with water quality and scarcity.

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The main problem has been the high price of capital. After having sold my home and assets to thoroughly self finance the project in the mid 80s, a certain well known company that advertises their eco-friendly, water desalination, wind energy technologies, and other bring good things to life, etc. character and qualities, pulled the rug out from under this and many other alternative energy developments in the 80s.
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Remember Arco Solar? After perfection of photovoltaics at US tax payers expense in the late 80s the technology was then sold to Siemens of Germany who is marketing this same technology around the world under numerous "private label" and packaging configurations.

How many people have you served or plan to serve?

The prospective customer base is in the multiples of billions and growing daily


There are at this time more than 2 billion people in developing area who have no access to safe drinking water.d


Everywhere there are people with access to water of almost any quality and solar exposure they are potential customers.

Please list any other measures of the impact of your innovation?

The unit on the families roof is the original unit that has been in continuous and almost maintenance-free operation for nearly 3 decades.

Is there a policy intervention element to your innovation, if so please describe?

Patent claims have been filed for several novel certain design and functional innovations others are at present held, proprietary

Exactly who are the beneficiaries of your innovation?

You and me and anyone else who makes the wise decision to run their water through it before sharing with their family.

How is your initiative financed (or how do you expect your initiative will be financed)?

Because the instant version is a 508c1A ministry rather than a for profit business and because I have personally funded all of the research and development myself, I am seeking grant funding with minimal to no strings attached.

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Almost all funds that come in go into this project or ones related to it.

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Because the need is so high and the cost so low, I can envision that it will rival, if not surpass Microsoft in importance and demand.

What are the main barriers to financial sustainability?

Because the need is so high and the cost so low, once established on the basic level there will be none.

The Story
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David Wetzel, the inventor of The Living Water Solar System, was raised in a home which encouraged his natural creative inventor talents. In grade school he took a special interest in science and by sixth grade he had discovered his aptitude for engineering.
As a teen, Mr. Wetzel admired Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Nicholi Tesla, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, and a host of other inventors and innovators. Mr. Wetzel began preparing for his career as an inventor by making balsa wood gliders and planes and ornate laminated skateboards. This led him into the scienctific study of the dynamics of weather, gravity, magnetics, electrical, thermal and solar energy, the hydrologic cycle, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and the natural interplay of energy harmonics between materials, and geometry.
As a soldier with the 4th Infantry Division in Viet Nam, he was decorated with a Bronze Star and promoted for his mastery and excellence as a Ballistics Meterologist. Later he was transfered to the 101st Airborne Divisions Tactical Operations Center aka. "war room" where he was assigned the postition of Combat Air Controller. Again for his excellence, "above and beyond the call of duty", he was decorated with a second Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster.
As a citizen, David Wetzel was awarded meritorious service recognition by the City of Laguna Beach, for directly saving eight of his neighbors homes in "The Great Laguna Beach Fire" of 1993. His ingenuity and quick and courageous actions stopped a domino effect that had already taken out 366 homes and due to the heavy 60-70 mph Santana Wind conditions, was hungry to take out as many as 10,000 more.
As activist and member of Veterans For Peace, when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, he heard the cry for help and within a few days he and a team of more than 100 combat veterans with trucks and vans loaded to capacity, converged to help distribute relief supplies throughout the

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As a civilian, Mr. Wetzel became a prodigious Inventor and Machinist. As an engineer/machinist for McDonnell Douglas AeroSpace and Solar operations in the early to mid 1970s, he invented, designed and built many important advances in tooling and technology, including the nuts for the Space Shuttle program. Every time the Space Shuttle launches, the nuts with explosive bolts are called into service to hold the massive Solid Rocket Boosters and Shuttle assembly erect for launch.
During that same time period, his father, Grant was the West Coast representative for Hach Co., the first and foremost manufacturer of water test equipment. He was continually bringing home samples of water from his various clients. The samples demonstrated a very rapid rate of decline in water quality. David saw this as a wide open opportunity to make a difference. He formulated a plan to develop the most cost-effective, high-performance and energy-efficient water purification system under the sun. David diligently researched all the various forms of water treatment throughout history. He studied water filled copper vessels sitting in the sun, freezing and electrodialysis of water, micro-filtration, reverse osmosis and multi-effect boiling, etc. Solar Distillation proved to be the best solution. David then researched every solar distillation system he could find in prior history, gleaning only the best design features, he fabricated the tooling to build his revolutionary new design. He prepared and made the tooling ready to construct the first unit on the next morning, but that evening he was blessed with a dynamic 3-D vision of something entirely different than anything he had ever seen before. The geometry was so elegant and efficient that he knew that this was the design that he needed to produce. Hence, the birth of the Living Water Solar System.
On the roof of the family home is the original unit that has been in continuous and almost maintenance-free operation for nearly 3 decades. Over the years, David has made a number of modifications and refinements to the original design. Now he has developed concepts for a full range of solar powered residential appliances. They include: home water purification, water and space heating, photo voltaics and solar lighting. He also has concepts for disaster relief, village projects and a full utility scale Solar Powered Only, Hybrid Sea Water Desalination plant