Well Ground Water Level Measuring Device Gauge Monitor - Drought - AQUAPOINT

Well Ground Water Level Measuring Device Gauge Monitor - Drought - AQUAPOINT

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Well Water Level Measuring device for worldwide usage. You can't purify what you don't have. Knowledge is POWER, know your well water level.

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Public information alone doesn’t change behaviors

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Increase accountability through design for the long-term

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Well Water Level Measuring device for worldwide usage. You can't purify what you don't have. Knowledge is POWER, know your well water level.

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A new and accuate way to measure well water and dangerous chemicals in water. Aquapoint will help companies, organizations and communities solve many water-related problems, and manage their water resources more efficiently. No one else has this patent or idea for a LOW cost to the consumer, villages or governments. This works off of a windows based enviroment and can be uploaded to govenrments so they can monitor ground water around the world. It helps to conserve and make those accountable for the water they use. This will change the way people use water in the future.

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Aquapoint has been working for over 7 years. This will help the world to measure water in the ground similar to a gas gauge for a car. Aquapoint can tell the user how long it takes to replenish the well or if someone around them is abusing their water use and depleating their well water.

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By establishing new strategic initiatives, partnerships with companies, organizations, universities, research organizations, and funding sources worldwide. Build a global network of sales, marketing partners, and distributors.

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To advance water conservation, and use of water-efficiency management technologies to help companies, organizations and communities save freshwater/groundwater.

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Aquapoint will help THE WORLD. This could help anyone from a homeowner to small villages that have problems with water. There are millions of holes in the ground around the world, that people depend on and there is NO WAY to measure how much water is in the well and how long it takes to replenish. Aquapoint could set up a WORLD WIDE monitoring network to help those in need and for knowledge to those that have the ability to help.


Help people conserve/monitor their water so they have water to live.


Help secure their water so they can monitor their wells. This will help all in conservation efforts.

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We can incorporate a chemical sniffer to detect harmful chemicals, ie MTBE or arsenic, before someone drinks these chemicals.

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80% of all illness is caused by drinking bad water

6000 people die each day from drinking bad water

THE WORLD will benefit from AQUAPOINT

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So far we have paid for everything. We are currently looking for grants or investors so we can make an advanced proto-type for market.

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Looking for monies to help advance Aquapont for world wide usage.

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One billion people lack access to safe drinking water. The demand is outstanding, every water-related process worldwide. Aquapoint will help change peoples lives forever.

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The inventors wife was worried about water while doing laurndy on a well. He invented Aquapoint so his wife could have peace of mind knowing she had water for her life style. NOW they know how to conserve in a drought and know if someone close to them are abusing this natural and valuable resource.

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I own a Septic and Plumbing company in Maryland, USA and ALOT of our customers wanted a product to measure the well water at their house. We have field tested Aquapoint and it showed remarkable accuracy. This is a must for the world to consevre and know what is in the ground. Knowledge is power.