3D Peer Support Applications - Bite size Life Lessons

3D Peer Support Applications - Bite size Life Lessons

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Develop 3D Peer Support Applications using the same process as with mobile phones and sell them to organisations working on life skills education. Apps are presented in a multi sensory format -virtual or physical, which allows the user to learn creatively. App developers will learn media, entrepreneurial and innovation skills.

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• There will be reduced pressure on limited and scarce learning resources being invested in life skills education in the country and organisations in the country working on this issue will have access to more cost effective, quality resources.

• Young people will learn entrepreneurial skills and earn some money as they can sell these apps. This positively impacts access to livelihoods

• There will be a paradigm shift amongst migrant communities who have perceived that the only valuable assistance they can give to their families back home is either through sending foreign currency or material goods.

• The use of innovative techniques will enhance participants’ learning experiences as they enjoy multi sensory learning.

• The life stories collected will give dispersed communities the opportunity to connect and partner together to bring about behaviour change

Who will help you develop your idea? Why are you the one to make this happen?

Apps will be designed by a team of young developers (aged 16 -22) in Zimbabwe who are interested in learning creative problem solving and program design skills. These app developers will be work with a team of experienced mentors experienced in media production, behaviour change methodologies and creative thinking to design their products. The material for the creative process will be resourced by collecting valuable life stories from migrant communities - parents and elder relatives living in the diaspora. These life stories will then be used to create peer support applications known as ‘Life Lessons’.

As an experienced project manager, accountant and fundraiser, I will be able to use my skills to manage the development of the project and source funding. I will also develop partnerships with representative umbrella agencies that coordinate the work of NGO’s, charities and schools in the country.

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Funds will be used for the following:-
Purchase of recording equipment – for podcasting to collect life stories
Development of a website to deposit stories and description of resources that have been created
Recruitment and skills development sessions for app developers
Purchase of equipment and resources required by app developers
Marketing of project to organisations

Funds required will be approximately $25 000