" 46-6-64" Project

" 46-6-64" Project

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An idea to focus Baby Boomers to volunteer on Mandela Day 2010. Boomers were born between 19 "46" and 19 "64" No "6" is the jersy worn by Nelson Mandela on the day South Africa won the 1995 world cup.It has now been launched as a film called INVICTUS.

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I hope to focus Baby Boomers on looking deep within to make a difference. This will be a global campaign. For each person who steps out to help, someone else will be helped and both will benefit. It is these kinds of campaigns that help tipping points to occur and bring about long term change for our planet.

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I will connect with the lady at The Mandela "46664" office. She and I were classmates this past year on a course on Social Entrepreneurship. I manage and run the Refirement Network in South Africa and the main aim of my organisation is to help Baby Boomers understand that they need to REFIRE and not RETIRE. This campaign will help accelerate the message

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I have no idea at this stage but I will use social media and look for sponsors once I have permission from The Mandela Foundation