Boto Mo, iPatrol Mo: Ako ang Simula (Patrol Your Vote: Change Begins with Me)

Boto Mo, iPatrol Mo: Ako ang Simula (Patrol Your Vote: Change Begins with Me)

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Boto Mo, iPatrol Mo: Ako ang Simula (Patrol Your Vote: Change Begins with Me) is a citizen journalism campaign that turns voters into watchdogs during a tipping point for the Philippines – the 2010 May presidential elections. After the elections, citizen journalists will ensure campaign promises are kept.

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A citizen journalist sent the first picture of the Maguindanao Massacre - the largest single incident of violence against journalists globally, a day before any professional journalist accessed the crime scene. Regular citizens seeing what journalists cannot, creating greater transparency and accountability, is critical for the Philippines’ May 2010 presidential elections, when the country will be the first to move to full automation in one step. The Philippine electoral process is fraught with corruption and violence. The 2007 midterm election was its most peaceful, with 130 deaths in 217 incidents of poll-related violence. Citizen journalists are needed in every one of 80,000 voting precincts. The 60,000 strong Boto Patroller army will create a participatory culture, changing feudal cultural values and battling apathy.
Post-elections, vigilance continues with a workshop series that will teach more citizens to become journalists, analyze the media and use it to push change. Media is the last man standing among Philippine institutions – expected to represent the people’s interests. So ABS-CBN engages Filipinos, empowering them to make or break our democracy.

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ABS-CBN’s megaphone is unmatched as the Philippines’ largest media network, reaching over 40 million Filipinos domestically, and audiences in 60 countries worldwide. In 2005, ABS-CBN pioneered advances in citizen journalism by launching Citizen Patrol on its primetime news program TV Patrol World. In 2007, Boto Mo, iPatrol Mo began – a citizen journalism campaign with a specific purpose – to push for clean elections. The sheer volume of messages – 500 a day leading up to the elections and 1 a minute on Election Day – showed the public’s distrust of government institutions. It was a dress rehearsal for what the network believes is a tipping point: the May 2010 presidential elections. One year before, ABS-CBN re-launched the campaign to prepare and educate Filipinos. It boosted the government's voter registration drive.
90% of Filipinos get their news from television. Filipinos send 2 million text messages daily. Universal McCann named the Philippines the social networking capital of the world. ABS-CBN is on-air and online, uniquely poised to empower people and affect society in ways never dreamed of.

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Creating a sustainable business model is key to maintaining ABS-CBN’s citizen journalism project. After launching its 2007 citizen journalism campaign, ABS-CBN’s election coverage made a profit for the first time. To make ABS-CBN’s 2010 citizen journalism project equally as successful and prove the long-term benefits, ABS-CBN is looking to build a model that can operate full-time with a skeletal staff and fully utilizes new technology. The fledgling project is run in an adhoc manner by 1 full time editor and a collection of part-time staffers and volunteers and funded by alternative sources like the Canadian Embassy. To further develop the project, ABS-CBN needs the following:
A full-time community editor and project developer, $10,000
Office administrator, $4,500
A new server to host in-coming citizen journalism submissions, $11,000
Custom CMS and database software development, $25,000
Training summits and workshops held around the country, $16,000
Total: $66,500