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The Cry Peace Project will support peacebuilding and healing in Rwanda through online and cellular-based storytelling. This is revolutionary in Rwanda, which only gained highspeed Internet access in 2009. The project will expand people’s ability to empathize with the "other" and engage in dialogue, in Rwanda and around the world.

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St. Laurent


FluidIT Solutions

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Personal stories demonstrate that we truly are global sisters and brothers, sharing responsibility to value and protect each others' peace, even lives.

In a society such as Rwanda’s, where former victims and perpetrators live side by side, the opportunity to hear stories in the voice of the “other” is a powerful way to deepen empathy, accountability, forgiveness, and tributes to the victims of the genocide. This project is timely, as perpetrators’ are reintegrating into society after serving their sentences.

Our goal is that storytellers will find healing and empowerment, hearers will find deeper empathy and understanding, and we will all renew our commitment to help make the promise "Never Again" take deeper root in our own lives, and in our lifetime.

Cry Peace will also build Rwanda’s capacity to achieve its Vision 2020 to become an Information Society by 2020. At the present, very few organizations, schools, and memorial projects have the capacity to develop digital stories.

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FluidIT Solutions brings 20 years of technical experience, seven months experience conducting training and research in Africa, and strong personal commitment to this project. We funded the beta website, and an exploratory visit to Rwanda in 2009.

In fortuitous meetings, leaders of 5 key organizations unanimously affirmed the need for Rwandans to share their stories of tragedy and heroism. Few audiovisual records exist; the need to create them is strongly felt. Organizations lack in-house capacity to archive stories themselves.

These leaders, the singer/peacebuilding Jean Paul Samputu, the executive director of the Centre for Training and Documentation, the designer of the Gisozi Memorial Centre, and others, have expressed support for this project.

I was especially honoured and humbled that my video poem, Cry Rwanda, so touched viewers in Rwanda that it was shared at a 15th anniversary village genocide memorial event in 2009.

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The Ashoka Changemakers grant will enable Cry Peace to enhance its beta storytelling website,, as well as develop a cellular phone-based storytelling system. Having the technical skills to develop the software myself will reduce costs, enabling us to invest the remaining funds in outreach and train the trainer programs. We are seeking an additional $25,000 to employ one staff person for one year to coordinate field outreach, as well as donations of multimedia cellular phones and laptops for story production and editing.